Blue Hole

Jan 20

The Blue Hole, otherwise known as the Cool Blue Hole, Secret Falls, or Island...

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Blue Hole

Blue Hole

The Blue Hole, otherwise known as the Cool Blue Hole, Secret Falls, or Island Gully is a characteristic limestone sinkhole close to Ocho Rios. A profound natural hollow inside the tropical mountains of Jamaica, the Blue Hole gets its name from the profound purplish-blue tint of the water. Explorers visit to swim, cliff dive, and make their way through the lavish rain forest to Secret Falls. what some directions? Ok!.....With a progression of turns and a sharp eye, covered in a shelter of influencing trees you will discover this wanderlust. From Ocho Rios take the way to St. Mary, at that point go on to the road to Exchange. At the service station keep right to proceed with the road; go pass the Upton Golf Course. At the point when you approach Lodge square, take a left onto the Thatch Hill Road and proceed with this road. To your right side, you will see a JPS power station with a marl street neighboring it. Turn onto this street and drive for roughly 100 meters and you will have landed at the Blue Hole!....Or you could just tap the

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January 20, 12:00 PM.


Blue Hole Jamaica - Cool Blue Hole Cascade- undefined Cascade Road, Lodge, St Ann, Jamaica

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