Old Spanish Bridge

Jan 22

In the event that you are searching for a one-stop, fun, and energizing escap...

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Old Spanish Bridge

Old Spanish Bridge

In the event that you are searching for a one-stop, fun, and energizing escape, where water, unwinding, sun, greenery, and undertakings can by and large, upgrade your fulfillment. This might just do the trick, a visit to the Old Spanish Bridge. Spanish Bridge is the beginning point of the Chukka White River tubing. The drive there is an adventure on its own with beautiful greenery and its all worth it in the end. Jumping from the bridge is an exciting experience for many or you can take an equally exciting ride on the rope swing. Totally delightful and secluded setting. The water is perfectly clear as long as there wasn't any down-poured in excess recent to your visit.
Opens: 9am to 6pm weekly

A little History :
The Spanish Bridge that traverses the White River in St Ann was built in the seventeenth century before Jamaica turned into a British domain. It is one of the enduring pointers of Spanish colonization in the White River Valley. A couple of miles away at Rio Nuevo in St. Mary was the site of the last fight among British and Spanish powers to decide ownership of Jamaica. Spain officially yielded Jamaica to England by the Treaty of Madrid in 1670.

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January 22, 12:00 AM.


Old Spanish Bridge - Old Spanish Bridge, Old Spanish Bridge, Jamaica

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